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7 Dollar Store Offers Bachelorette Party Decorations Items

7dollarstore offers

7 Dollar Store Offers Online Savings for Bachelorette Party Decorations and More

Deep Discounts Available at One Stop Shop – 7 Dollar Store

With the average cost for a wedding in the United States being $25,576, the 7 Dollar Store is a wedding planner’s dream. The online savings site is making weddings (and life in general) more affordable than ever. From wedding and party decorations and bachelorette party decorations to a variety of items for the entire family, the one-stop-shop is saving customers both time and money.

We are thrilled to be offering our awesome customers great items for great prices,” stated a 7 Dollar Store representative. “You can just imagine how relieved wedding planners are to find our wide and wonderful selection of wedding and bachelorette party decorations for just seven dollars. Our store also has party decorations for birthdays and other occasions too. Saving money takes so much stress out of party planning and makes it actually fun. Customers can be so much more creative and relaxed when their budget isn’t a problem. We have something for everyone and the best thing is that everything is just seven dollars.”

Spreading the best among the customers:

The 7 Dollar Store is quickly catching on with customers across the world who are taking full advantage of the ability to “shop on a dime”. A multitude of items can be found on the site like most anything a wedding planner would need (including bachelorette party decorations), birthday and other special occasion party decorations and a large array of other items such as jewelry and clothing. Customers can easily find something for every member of their family at the store.

One of the most attractive features for customers, aside from the fact that everything is just $7, is that shipping is free. In addition, those who sign up for the newsletter are able to receive a further discount on products. Coupons and other discounts are available as well.

The website is user friendly which customers are complimenting. The customer service is friendly and helpful too. Returns are accepted within the guidelines.

What’s not to love about the 7 Dollar Store?” one new customer stated. “Shopping is a breeze and I am saving tons on my wedding. I was able to get so many things for my wedding, even bachelorette party decorations and reception decorations. I would never have been able to afford those things at a regular store.”

Buy everything at just $7:

Over the years, dollar stores have grown in popularity. From stores that simply sell items for one dollar to creative twists on the dollar store concept such as this shop where more expensive items can be found for the discounted price of just seven dollars, customers flock in to save money. While some customers are in need of the financial break, studies reveal that those who can afford to shop at other, more expensive stores, often prefer not to. Twenty-two percent of discount dollar store shoppers make over $70,000 per year. It is speculated that even those who have plenty of money still enjoy getting more for their bucks.

To find out what wedding planners are raving about and to find something for every member of the family for just seven dollars, visit the store at

Use code “dollarstore50” for instant 50% off and “dollarstore80” for 80% off on selected items.