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3 Pcs Builder Gel Acrylic Nail Gel Jelly UV Salon Professional Extension Nail Gel

$14.00 $10.00

5500 5501 55025501 5502 55115502 5511 55125513 5514 55155513 5518 55195514 5515 55165514 5519 55205515 5516 55175516 5517 55215518 5519 55205519 5520 55215520 5521 5522remark 3 color

USD 8.64/lotUSD 36.50/lotUSD 32.40/lotUSD 7.20/lotUSD 18.20/lotUSD 22.75/lotUSD 9.80/lotUSD 8.64/lot 1.Package list:

1)1Lot=any 3 Colors gel


Remember to leave a message to us which colors number you want.Or random color will be sent.

3.Fast delivery:

Most of Countries just need 1~2 weeks can get the parcel ,like Europe Country , US and so on ,except some Remote countries which will take 25~40days to arrive .

4.Product Feature:

Perfectly well packaged,no leaks;convenient to operate;rich 602 colors ;high quality;long lasting for 30 days.

Q1. Why finished nails chipped / peeled ?

① you didn’t polishing nails with Nail File thoroughly

② You brushed unevenly and didn’t dry evenly

③ There is residuum left, it’s a gap between gel and nail

④ You didn’t cure for enough time gel layer didn’t dry completely or Lamp bulb is bad condition

⑤ There is a remaining cuticle, Do keep a distance between gel and your nail groove

Q2. Why finished nails have cracks ?

① People do nails too often, so it will become soft and fragile nails, so nail may easy to be folded sometimes, and finished nails have cracks.

② You brushed too much top coat or you applied it more than 2 times, Normally smooth and thin one layer is enough

Q3. Why finished nails looks not as shine as expected?

① You didn’t brush smoothly and there is few brush-marks on the nail surface

②Your top coat wasn’t blend well with your color gel, they doesn’t match if they come from different brand

③You should keep it for 20 seconds before you wipe off your top coat layer

④ Your cotton piece for wipe off may not clean, each cotton piece can only be used once

⑤ Please choose cleansing fluid which is not contain acetone

⑥Top coat layer didn’t be dry thoroughly, cure by LED lamp for at least 90sec’s(UV lamp 2 or 3mins) its depends on the lamp bulb condition

⑦You may brushed top coat too thin and too less, brush enough& proper top coat is necessarily

Weight 0.02 oz
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 20 in
Item Type

Nail Gel

Brand Name





Gel Polish





Model Number

Uv Nail Gel





Color Types



High technology.Hight quality


Last more than a month


Heath and environmentally friendly


Very Easy to operate

Suitable lamp

UV/LED lamp is OK

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Supply Type

Factory Wholesale


Gel Nail Polish

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