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BIOAQUA Horse Ointment Miracle skin Essence

Embellishing & Preventing split Tendering & Moisturizing

Fading fine wrinkles Softening horns Removing glochis



BIOAQUA Horse Ointment Miracle skin Essence

Net 6og Life time three years


Horse ointment can be protective cream over skin, moisturizing and nourishing hands, improving rough skin, fading wrinkles.

Increasing the level of moist and comfortable, tendering and whitening

Application All skin

Natural, warm and no stimulus

Keep the skin be watery all day, embellish healthy skin

Moistening Embellishing Protecting skin

Fading fine wrinkles Repairing

Preventing dry skin and split

Cold wind in Fall or Winter, Pollution, Dry air etc.

Make your busy hands dry Do not care skin

The hands are rough Dry, Decrustation

Agnail, dead skin Rough, Loose

Beautify hands Hands -care No time to delay

Your young hands are aging, no time to delay…

Hands are women’s second face,

Hands show one’s taste and value

About our precious horse ointment

Let hands experience the magic of horse ointment

BIOAQUA Horse ointment miracle skin essence

Increase the smooth degree

Precious horse ointment, nostrum from old time

Useful to skin absorption, called” Nostrum”

Long history usage of horse ointment

Widely used to prevent dry skin, pigmentation, frost etc.

Horse ointment

Easy to absorb keep skin health promote skin repairing

Olive oil Contain rich Vitamin B, E Easy to absorb Tender skin Regulate skin

Almond oil Promote circulation, embellish skin, prevent dry skin, maintain skin health

VE Rich moisturizing elements, prevent melanin, moisturizing and locking water , nourishing skin

You deserve a magic hand cream It’s easy to have smooth and soft hands

Fading fine wrinkles Nourishing deeply Removing agnail

The skin is dark, no luster, full of wrinkles Skin becomes bright, no wrinkles

Skin moisture value is 19.8% Skin moisture increase to 79.8%

Hands agnail big pores Agnails vanish , Skin become smooth and tender

Hands care expert & Hands care secret

Skincare expert Xiao Ting

Recommend Reason: The hands are comfortable and smooth after using

Using immediately, very smooth, hands absorb quickly.

Faint fragrance, feel so smooth. Urban White collar Anny

Surprised, it’s very good, skin can absorb quickly, good moisturizing effect, the skin is watery.

Method of use

STEP1 Smear hand scream, absorb nourishment fully

STEP2 massage gently, relieve the fine wrinkles

STEP3 massage knuckle, stimulates circulation

STEP 4 Pull each hand, relax hands

STEP 5 Press opisthenar, relieve pressure

STEP 6 Press meridian vessel, improve loose skin

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Whitening,Anti-Aging,Moisturizing,Pigmentation Corrector,Oil-control,Antibacterial,Nourishing,Anti-chapping


natural plant


horse oil secret natural extracts plant essence

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