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Super Glitter Crystal AB Rhinestones Flat Back Glass Chameleon Nail Rhinestones For Charms 3D Nails Art Decorations Strass


1080 pcs mix SS3-121560 mix SS6-SS201680 mix ss4-ss121680 pcs mix SS4-12SS10 1440 pcsSS12 720 pcsSS16 480 pcsSS20 360 pcsSS3 1440 pcsSS30 144 pcsSS4 1440 pcsSS5 1440 pcsSS6 1440 pcsSS8 1440 pcs

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Color: Crystal AB/Chameleon
Size: SS3-SS40
Quallity: Top quality
100% brand new and high quality
New fashion style
Nail decoration
We are various sizes of diamonds on the market, the quality of the diamond is very good, the brightness is very high, you can use it repeatedly.
Clean the surface of your nails, brush the base polish, and place it onto nails
You can also use them to decorate your home, cell phone's case, glasses, made card, body art, etc.

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Buyer's concern

Q: Do it will fly away from the substrate?
A:Our rhinestones' bottom uses fine frosted plating. After sticking nails very strong.

Can usually be maintained more than 4 weeks.
But pay attention to maintenance, to prevent the rhinestones from being touched hard.
Q:Will it keep shining?
A:Of course, beautiful colors will continue to be maintained. Even after a month still shine! But also need maintenance. Avoid frequent contact with corrosive liquids.

For example, sweat, perfume, soap, hair spray, mothballs, detergent, acid solution with chemical composition items.

Q:Is it glass? How do we judge?

A:Yes,It is.You can use the flame burn the rhinestone. If the plastic rhinestone,it will burn.But the glass rhinestone will not.

And glass rhinestones heavier than plastic rhinestones.

Nail Art Design

Product specifications

Size table:

Model Size Quantity
SS3 1.2mm 1440 pcs
SS4 1.6mm 1440 pcs
SS5 1.8mm 1440 pcs
SS6 2.0mm 1440 pcs
SS8 2.4mm 1440 pcs
SS10 2.8mm 1440 pcs
SS12 3.0mm 1440 pcs
SS16 4.0mm 1440 pcs
SS20 4.8mm 1440 pcs
SS30 6.5mm 288 pcs
SS34 7.0mm 288 pcs
SS40 8.0mm 144 pcs
Mix SS3-SS16 size 1.2mm-4.0mm 1000pcs
Mix SS3-SS30 size 1.2mm-6.5mm 1000pcs

How to distinguish the quality of rhinestones?

Crystal luster:
Our rhinestones:Rhinestone Shine Rainbow Gloss
Ordinary rhinestones:Gloss does not shine The color is unevenly
Crystal thickness:

Our rhinestones:Thin bottom
Ordinary rhinestones:Thick bottom

Crystal cut surface:

Our rhinestones:Rhinestones without scratches
Ordinary rhinestones:Rhinestones surface scratches

Crystal bottom:

Our rhinestones:bottom rounded
Ordinary rhinestones:bottom broken

The rhinestones will show different colors in different positions of the light.

Like rainbow!

How To Use


  • With a dotting pen
  • Drop the glue in the position you want to place
  • Pick the stones with the dotting pen
  • Place the rhinestones on the glue

    Production Process


Brand Name

Nibiru DU

Model Number








Item Type

Crystal AB Rhinestone Decoration


Crystal AB/Chameleon


Non Hot fix / Glue On

The Back

Silver Foiling


Crystal Rhinestone


Nail Art Decoration,Garment Decoration


Glitter Crystal


Charm Manicure Accessories

Product Type

Stud Rhinestone

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