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Need of toys in the Current Scenario: When smart phones are taking over, people are getting dumber than ever. To save your children from smart phone syndrome, books or toys (games) are the best possible things. What Kind of Toys are the Best: The toys that enable a child to put their creativity to life by giving them an opportunity to create different shapes are the best for kids. They say, "The mind of a child is like a raw soil." You can give it any shape that you want.   Research shows that child who were given different types of toys/games to play with in their childhood have better developed skills. Educational benefit of toys: Toys are useful for children for learning things. Children learn the most when it is taught to them in playful ways. Lots of attributes of children are developed while playing. They learn to share, laugh, contribute, enhance their multitasking skills, indulge into something whole-heartedly and achieving a common aim while playing with these toys. Toys for Different Ages: Babies and toys:  Any size, shape and texture based toys are good for babies as they are still evolving and exploring new things. Toys that show light or blink, make sound or move like train, bus or helicopters are good for infants. Toys for 1-2 year Toddlers:  Simulation toys like puzzles, boxes, cubes to create something are well suited for kids at these times. As they can learn by creating new things. Toys for preschool:  Toys with numbers, alphabets and animal  on those are perfect for these age groups as it helps them learning new things before their school starts and give them a confident start at the schools.